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 Watching The Grass Grow

The freeway can't hold another car, I'll find some other way to go
To escape things as they are so I can breathe some fresher air.
There's some beautiful country, not too far and I can drive it slow,
Enjoying the scenery. After all, that's why the scenery is there...


There's no comparison in a city to strands of sandy ocean shore,
Or to the serenity of a country road with greenery all around.
Cities are busily raising generations of television kids galore
Who have no idea of fishing or ever picnicking on the ground...


In the city they tore down the goalposts where kids once played.
Lone Ranger and Tonto are fading memories, distant dreams.
No longer each year do they have a Christmas or Easter parade.
The lights were taken down, Capitol Dome no longer gleams...


Once Boy Scouts were popular, now deemed unfair to minorities.
With the meandering Brazos River I had a lifelong love affair,
Until they damned it to please college fraternities and sororities.
All sandbanks are forever gone and no Boy Scouts are there...


The closest the city has come to the country is satellite dishes everywhere.
The closest the country has come to the city is all the food everyone eats.
In a distant future the country may disappear, for now I'm glad it's there.
I think my gal and I could watch the grass grow...if we had front row seats....

September 06, 2012

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