Irelands Shame

                           Irelands Shame             September 8, 2012

I walked around this Irish town in hero's footsteps from the past
The narrow streets where the drum still beats, it's written on the wall
The men and women gone before now gracing heavens door
Some died young, a rebels son, Irish daughter s and many more
Some were old and just as bold; they were taken just the same
Those sons and daughters of Ireland, It's known as Irelands shame
Heroes now and heroes then, young and old so I'm told. I ask you why
Why did this happen in Ireland? Why did they have to die?
Many broken hearts, many painful days, an Irish mothers cry
The little streets of this town hold the answer of our people in the sky
If we could have them back today, just for a little while
Could we embrace our Irish heroes and share a little smile
Would they be sad that we don't have peace in every Irish town?
Or would they smile, walk with pride, they'll never keep us down
I walked around this Irish town in heroes' footsteps from the past
I walked the streets where the drum still beats. It's written on the wall

                                        Gerrard McGeachy


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