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Ways and Means

He left wealth and glory beyond compare,
To dwell among the poor, his truth to share.
Immortal and wise, with power beyond measure,
Accepted torture and death, for WE were his treasure.

Before Creation He was, before even time began,
He knew of his fate, and accepted the plan.
What great mercy and love, for a world yet unborn,
When He knew of their jealousy, hatred, and scorn.

He created all that is, and could command our love,
There was no need to be meek, or peaceful as a dove.
His merest whim could destroy worlds, place stars in the sky;
Why bother with puny mortals like you and I?

Yet, he humbled himself, a being of supreme power,
To hang in agony on a cross, hour after hour.
I cannot fathom such depth of love and compassion,
For men do not think, or act in this fashion!

All I can do is accept His wondrous plan,
For his ways and means are beyond those of man.

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Ways and Means