Go back to 40 mama
When you were strong
Had it together
You know your youngest
Turns 31 today
And you cannot believe that time
Has went so fast
You don't want to last
It seems fruitless
You let the tree
Breaking off it's limbs
One by one in the afternoon sun
Go on
Hold on with the roots God gave you
And save you
It's all you can do
It's so true
Growing old should not be so difficult
Even though it may be to some
As to you now
You just go on old mama somehow
Curl your hair
Put on some makeup
Let the haters who hate you go
And get on with the damn show
Called life
Play your part
On your stage
As Shakespeare said
And rage
Rage rage rage against the depression
As you do writing the confessions
Of a mama with her kids gone
You live on
Yes, mama, you live on.

9/17/2012 1325 cj

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