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Poems are written on many subjects here
Some write of love, friends and animals
Some write of the pain they've dealt with

Many write about nature and it's beauty
Many write about happy events in life
Many write about great sadness as well

Some like myself write about many things
Some of which have forever changed my life
Like fighting a terrifying war at 20 yrs.old

Some write about abuse and worse things too
They thank God that they had survived it all
And yet years later they still have nightmares

Soldiers in wars are not the only ones hurt
Women and children are traumatized at home
They too have faced death and had survived it

You are right that many write about politics too
It doesn't matter which party they write about
There's plenty of blame to go around to them all

Throughout history there's been greedy politicians
Whether they were the Democrats or the Republicans
The greed & thirst for power has brought down many

And it has always been the people who have lost out
As these old self serving greedy career politicians
Worried more about lining their own pockets first

Yes I write about many subjects here as do many others
And I have always wrote about things as they really are
I have told it like it is in life and some don't like it

Well if you don't like what I say or what I write here
Don't visit my site to read and complain about my poems
No one I know is forcing you to repeatedly return here

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

There is this thing here in America that's called the "Freedom of Speech"
it is a right of the citizens of our own nation because when called upon
many of our young men & women have answered the call to defend this
right and have fought and died to make sure that we would always have
this right as well as others that are listed in our "Bill of Rights". I don't
try to act as any kind of censor to anyone here even if I don't always
agree and I don't like the things that they've written and call poetry,
it's because we all have the right to freedom of speech here and it has
been bought and paid for with the lives and blood of many young men and
women who answered our nation's call to defend our freedom and also the
worlds freedom as well. Many times in our history we have send them out
to defend our freedoms and rights and to make sure the next generation
would have these rights and freedom that we grew up with too, I served
my nation in the Vietnam War and I also have all of these same rights
as you do including the freedom of speech here as well. So if a few of
you don't like my poems or even the subjects that I've chosen to write
about, don't come here and read them it really is that simple. I would
think that it would then solve any problems that you may still have
about my site and my poems that I have posted here at my own site. You
see though I have noticed that over the last seven years that I've been
here writing that it always seems to be the same few guys who do all of
the complaining to me about the poems that I write here and I truly do
have a very simple solution to their problems with my poems, don't read
them if you hate them so much. So now I'm left to wonder and to assume
that maybe it's because they are just a few bricks short of a full load
or else it comes to mind that they're just plain gluttons for continuing
punishment since they keep returning to read my poems so they will then
have something else that they can then complain about or to tell me one
more time how much they hate my site here at Well all I
can say to them under this situation is DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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