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A Sign of Power

You greeted the One,
Who gladly does right;
The true God the Son,
Who had blessed your sight.

But you showed anger,
Because of your sin;
And talking vulgar,
Corruption within.

Can we still be saved?
For being unclean;
Or are we engraved,
With numbers as seen.

So like the dead leaves,
As carried by wind;
Just as evil thieves,
Being disciplined.

God is the Father,
And we are the clay;
He is the potter.
Molding to obey.

The work of His hands,
That hardens when old;
Disobeys commands,
Not doing as told.

We need be made new,
Forget in the past;
With a point of view,
Like God that will last.

Copyright   2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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A Sign of Power