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The Teacher

Please teach me how to live the laws,
And how can I remove my flaws;
I will obey them to the end,
Not just God but You are a friend.

Help me know so I can follow,
Nourish me so I can swallow;
And I will guard them with my heart,
Engraved each one as I impart.

Lead me down on the proper path,
So I will be spared from Your wrath;
And since I am happy with them,
Please do not take me and condemn.

Lead my heart to Your written word,
Pursue Your voice as it is heard;
Not like the one who goes and strays,
Getting rich from his wicked ways.

Turn my eyes from the worthless things,
That only earthly pleasure brings;
Give me a new life in Your ways,
The one that eternally stays.

Keep Your promise so I can fear,
As I worship You and revere;
While I praise Your holy name,
In speaking Your Word to proclaim.

Take away the insults which I dread,
Since I do love Your rules instead;
I long for Your guiding precept,
Unconditionally I accept.

Copyright   2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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The Teacher