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 Raging River

A raging river full of
Tumbling rapids, Class V.
I choose not to fight the currents,
But to allow the river to
Direct my path.
With the attitude of surrender,
Finding the calm center within;
Navigating with cooperation.

The lesson of this raging river
Is that I am not in control.
Trusting in the Guiding Force;
My destiny already charted.
The paddle in my gentle hands,
Relaxed, unassuming, patient.
The river screams with ferocity;
But I ride in the cradle of security.

Peaceful in this raging river;
Coming from within my soul.
Traversing the miles to the sea
With balance, skill, and gratitude;
Allowing the Great Hand to control
My life's purpose and speed.
Finding that sweet stillness
In the midst of apparent chaos.


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