Stop The Taxi

                              “Stop The Taxi”    October 30, 1992

Stop the taxi with my briefcase and drop it of at number ten
If no ones home, leave the briefcase, mark the calendar and call again
I'd like to meet them; I've heard about them, I think they're hiding because of fear
I know we'll find them, I'm sure we'll find them, to receive this present from Ireland dear
It won't be candies, it won't be welcome, they have to have it, just wait and see
It will surprise them; maybe rise them, when that happens we might be free
They came to see us, not to free us; they met the brits in the barracks strong
We'll take a taxi to their stronghold, deliver our briefcase and prove them wrong
Why can't they see sense, understand us, they know we've beat them, we all agree
Stop Brit aggression, leave our country, let the people of Ireland love you and me
This won't happen, they don't want peace, their hidden agenda is plain to see
Let's stop the taxi and the briefcase, discuss our problems, Ireland must be free

                                 Gaelic Comrade

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