Ireland                       April 19, 1985

The mission past, the job was done, our country has lost another son
My comrade dead, his life has gone, another death by a British gun
We left that night with orders clear, the target them, the pride, the fear
My older brother he fell that night, he gave his life for his country dear
At nineteen years, two more than me, his cause was to see his country free
He wanted things, not many things, a wife, a child and the same for me
It never came in the land he loved, for this he had to fight
Just like dad he passed away, ambushed by the foreign army one terrible night
No feelings by those foreign troops, disregard for Irish life
This country of my father with our struggle and our strife
What must I tell this Irish woman, my brother's future wife?
He was shot tonight by a British gun, a bullet by the crown
His dying words, his final breath "they'll never keep us down"
My hand he held, the tears, the blood, this rebel passed away
On that awful night a note he passed, these few words it did say
I is for independence and freedom in our land
R is for rebellion on that Easter Sunday morn
E is for emerald isle without the British troops
L is for our liberty; let all men live in peace
N is for our nation, "a nation once again"
D is for determination to see my feelings through
This note we read together, on that cruel and dreary night
His future wife was with me; we'll carry on the fight

                  Gerrard McGeachy



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