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Stress Free

My soul waits for my Lord,
Salvation comes from Him;
To be in one accord,
Keeps me from feeling grim.

My rock and my Savior,
I cannot be shaken;
Looking on with favor,
I am not forsaken.

The ethics that they lack,
I just have to ask why;
How long will they attack,
So glad they are to lie.

Wait calmly for the Lord,
For from Him comes my hope;
The One I have adored,
Because He helps me cope.

My glory trusts on God,
My refuge and my force;
Being loved and adored,
For keeping me on course.

I always put my trust,
As I pour out my heart;
For He is fair and just,
As written from the start.

Power belongs to God,
And mercy to the Lord;
Giving honor and laud,
Will ensure your reward.

Copyright 2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Stress Free