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 Keeper of Celestial Things

She wakes at night to check on them
Knowing quite well mortals depend
On light of night that hang freely
Upon the sky dark and clearly

There, bodies of light and gas
Are wished upon present and past
Countless petitions some granted to
Someone maybe like me and you

Sincere, with hope requests will come
To lives, to hearts to bond with one
They wished throughout their brief lifetime
A chance to say to one you're mine

The calls secret whispered to skies
To lanterns great the many sighs
That follow come to end as eyes shall close
To dreams that soon come true proposed

Above from distance some will stream
Across night sky granting such dreams
Tonight if luck is on your side
You may just see loves turn of tide

The keeper knows these things implored
For they have too requests they store
Upon their heart, they breathe needs too
This sustenance of whites and blues

Tonight maybe her star will come
To grant request before she's done
Fulfilling dreams she also keeps
Before daylight calls her to sleep

To a dear friend Athena, blessings

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