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We have many friends that we enjoy in our lifetimes
Of all these friends some are called our best friends
Above all others they're the ones who are always there

They help us to get through some of our roughest times
And seem to know what to say at the appropriate moment
They are the rocks that we can depend on for any crisis

And when things are great we all share in that happiness
From the birth of our children to first words and steps
We all celebrated their graduations and their weddings

Friends like these are the special ones throughout life
But we all have other friends some casual some new to us
These are the friends that we will call our loving friends

They're the ones who regardless of how well they know you
Will go out of their way to help out and ask others to help
Please pray for our friends who have a need now for prayers

Whether it's for your family or for another veteran buddy
They have big hearts for all no matter the race creed or color
They'll pray for all of you and we call them our loving fiends

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

We appreciated all of our friends, our relatives and especially too
all of those loving friends who had prayed so long and hard for us
and our family too when we needed their prayers. Many years ago, when
our daughter Amy Lynn was facing serious medical issues and was put
into an induced coma as the doctors were working very hard to save
her life, our loving friends and family members prayed that our lord
God would place his healing hands upon her and heal her heart as she
had faced a life and death struggle to survive her medical crisis. We
certainly, appreciated all the prayers from our family members, from
our friends, from their families and all of their friends who prayed
for Amy Lynn to pull through that terrible crisis and she did. And we
will always pray for and support others with our prayers as well when
they too have their own times of need for prayers and support through
their own struggles that they are facing in their own lives.

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