I Heard My Parents Sing

                    I Heard My Parents Sing             September 4, 2012  

I loved you as a child when I heard my parents sing
I loved you as a young girl because I knew everything
I loved you as a woman; I fell in love for sure
I'll love you till the day I die; you have my mind and more
I don't need many things in life, my family that's for sure
I love my mum and dad and I'll love you forever more
I wrote these words for you not me, as I love you more and more
You are in my thoughts, day and night, It's love, that's for sure
I miss you so much, my friend in life, I'm coming home for sure
I'll kiss you and greet you; I'll bend my knee for you
I'll have to pinch the ground I'm on just to see if it is true
I won't ignore my friends near by, don't stop me, do not try
I'll kiss the ground I stand on, I don't care about passers bye
I've finally met the love of my life; I'll cry a tear for you
My love is my country dear, Ireland it's you and me?

          Gerrard McGeachy

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