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Be still and Know

Be still and Know
God is our refuge and strength,
To persevere at any length;
Our present help in trouble,
When I falter or I stumble.

We fear not though the earth does change,
Knowing that the Lord does arrange;
Though mountains shake as does the sea,
The wonders of nature will be.

Though the waters roar with the wave,
As it sends ships down to their grave;
The mountains and islands will shake,
To the swelling sound of the quake.

The river with its streams are glad,
The nourishing water it had;
Been bringing to the holy place,
In the city the shores embrace.

God is in the midst of waters,
Along with your sons and daughters;
As kingdoms move and countries rage,
They do battle on the world stage.

God utters His voice the earth melts,
Where you see balls of fire pelts;
He makes wars cease to end the earth,
Causing the planet a new birth.

Be still and know that He is God,
To whom we must honor and laud;
He will exalt nations and the earth,
For showing you of its true worth.

Copyright 2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Be still and Know