Memories            October 9, 2012

Think about the past, how long does it last, smile or cry
The happy days and sad, things go wrong, ask why
Friends, family, strangers, gone to heaven, time to die
The young, the old, no money, pockets of gold
Gifted in life with happiness or other, or chosen, so I'm told
To watch the world around you slip away how sad
Tough times or good times, you'll have to wait and see
It's easy if you try, John said, not for you or me
When does life start and where does life end
Can you remember a friend with a glorious end?
Cherrish you loved ones with that cuddle and tuck
We want them forever, we don't have that luck
Memories are special, alive in your mind
Live for today, tell someone you care
Lead by example, believe in mankind

                    Gerrard McGeachy

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