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When tragedy strikes - it touches us all -
one way or another 
It sends a shock wave throught the system 
Like a fault-line - seaming across the ground.
For some - this may be a literal act -
As in an earthquake -tornado - tsunami -
However big or small -
The impact can travel and cover vast areas -
And souls and hearts are fractured.
Moreso - where fatalities - have stolen precious lives -
One moment here - the next - gone .
Life is so uncertain - Death is very sure .
Sooner or later - it touches us all.

When a personal loved one passes from life to eternity 
It can cause deep grief - or welcome relief -
Depending on the age or cause - of the final demise .
But - No-one can escape that moment .
In an ideal world - we all dream of living to a ripe old age -
And then - passing through the curtain in our sleep-
But life plays tricks - and isn't always fair .

Sometimes - young lives are snatched away -
With sickness - disease - and even murder -
Whatever the age - this can never be condoned .
But - man has free will - choices -
He can choose good - and reject evil -
Or he can choose evil - and abandon good .
Hence - wars and greed - and hatred and lust -
Prevail over  nations or individuals -to do harm .
If people choose the latter .

How this grieves the SAVIOUR's heart -
But - HE tells us -'  Where wickedness abounds -
HIS Grace abounds much more '.

How HE longs to snatch us from the enemy's jaw -
And lift us from the pits of despair -
And clothes us with HIS Peace and Love .
And so much more .
So - let us turn to HIM right now -
For safety - solice - and security -
And HE will guard us with HIS angels for ever.
He will set us free from fear .
HE will bind our wounds -
Heal our hearts - and dry our tears .

Thank. YOU LORD.

YOU bear our griefs ...and heal our sicknesses -
And give us Life Eternal .
Thank YOU .


With love yet again ..
from S.C.Mitchell.


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