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Life is giving me a different perspective;
Teaching me lessons I have forgotten.
Remembering that transition into school;
Seeking to blend into the crowd.
Trying my best not to be different;
Conformity is protection against ridicule.

Like vultures, watching, waiting, patient;
Hungry to devour my self esteem.
Swooping down for the kill in a flash
When I expose my weaknesses.
A chameleon's protection is the way;
Conformity allows me to hide in the open.

It seems to bring us to that moment;
In order to protect, forsaking my individuality.
Seeking the safety of sameness;
Stalking, differentiating, separating.
The metamorphosis is complete;
Conformity has made me into them.

Destroying that which is sacred;
Human dignity and diversity be damned.
Becoming the monster I hid from
For all those long school years.
A joke, a tease, a barb, a poke;
Conformity is the lie that I bought.

Seeing from the eyes of a child in school;
Bullies are at times both you and me.
Forgive us as we break from the herd;
Engaging in a dance celebrating uniqueness.
Freedom to love beings simply as they are;
Conformity no longer my security blanket.


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