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The Sacrifice

Throughout the ages, man has given; sacrificed.
Yet none have given like Jesus the Christ.
Some have given wealth, laid down life to protect another;
He did this and more, accepting us as brothers.

He humbled himself, gave up vast riches and a throne,
To end up on a cross, abandoned and alone.
He broke no laws, committed no sins, was perfect in every way;
Yet he was mocked, beaten, scourged, for there was a price to pay.

Not a debt he owed, not some failure on his part;
No, he bled for us, for we weighed upon his heart.
Honest and just, his life was an open book
If doubters had questions, all they need do was look.

His concern was real, his motives were pure,
For man's fallen state, his blood was the cure.
Man could not accept such sacrificial love,
Nor believe in their heavenly father above.

Despite all mockery and rejection, the offer yet remains;
The price has been paid, for removal of our guilty stains.
All we need do is accept the sacrifice he has given,
The price of our redemption, the life that was riven.

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