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Something New

On my way down to the woods I found something new that took me back.
As if taken away on day found I began following a new pathway to track.
The spot I found took me to a place I will never forget yet never have again.
Realization overcame me how I find myself somewhere that too soon began.
Since I have come to this crossroads in my life I won't let this go too far away.
I found dream with another thought to start and replace the loss of yesterday.
I was given a new dream that replaced the old dream with piece of mind.
The dream was deep within my soul, up until this moment could not find.
I've grown a lot from this spot that I have found within my inner soul.
With a new hope for growing respect found within love setting a goal.
Great things still to come with this newest dream that has starting hope.
Although in this time with pitfalls journey sits upward on steeper slope.
Going into the woods could take me in many directions that will bind.
I shouldn't let the way I found stop me going in direction that's blind.
Without knowing if or how I can go on with this new thought I found.
I only go with the hope that now is the beginning to a newer ground.
Dark and scary unknown pathways seem forever to stretch down road.
Possibilities had made the hurting heart lighter and lesser heavier load.
Should it be that I was too presumptuous I could surely lose everything now.
Yet as I continue on I only feel I cannot stop what's going forward somehow.
I feel that I have found a true hope with true love with only this.
This happiness I feel today has given joy and a pleasurable bliss.
As new venture steps me forward into future the way has been chose.
All the ways left toward dream if I lose, than this is just how it goes.

Tina Hisola October 13 2012

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Something New