Glasgow Kiss

My one and only Glasgow Kiss - yes delivered by a real Glaswegian, not very tall but hell was he quick.  Cleverly he groined me to bring my head down to his level for the finishing touch.te

If the Scots vote for independence I hope we never go to war with them again.

He glared at you in anger
By his side the crying wench
Who by unhappy misfortune
You've just gone and drenched
His fresh half litter Pils
Cascading down her dress
This looks like a night
That could be one of stress

You knew he was a toughie
But not as tough as this
The swift knee in the groin
Followed by that Glasgow Kiss
That left you rolling on the deck
Trying so hard not to cry
And really making you think
You'll be much more careful
Not to spill another's drink

Up on your knees
See his hostile eyes
As you offer to buy
In attempt to apologize
Then the lads pick you up
Brush your clobber down
And you all wisely decide
To find another bar in town

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Glasgow Kiss

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