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Sitting necking in the back row
Seeing how far you can get
Trying to watch out for
The prowling usherette
Coming up for air
Then sitting quiet while
She continues her patrol
Up and down the aisle

A thing of nightmare
A very bad dream
To attract a sweep
Of her torch beam
Just an innocent kiss
Being enough to get
A very strict warning
Or an eviction threat

So necking in the back row
Sliding an arm over a shoulder
Maybe fingers brushing breast
Not daring to be any bolder
 Inexperience and shyness
Mixed with excitement and fright
Not knowing how to,proceed
scared of that probing light

Trying to appear casual
In a world of your own
Racing thudding heart
Rising testosterone
Necking in the back row
New to the dating scene
Every thing so intense
Living in your teens

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