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Taliban Fighter

Taliban fighter
Mind in a whirl
For love of his god
Shoots teenage girl

Places his bullet
Coldly in her head
Taliban fighter
Leaves her for dead

Medieval mind
Full of bigotry and hate
With twisted views
Centuries out of date

Taliban fighter
Don't you think it odd
Although you claim
You did it for your god

This little girl
Is still alive
Very good chance
She will survive

Taliban fighter maybe
In your god's eyes
You're a low creature
Loathed and despised

Taliban fighter
You bring much shame
By your acts supposedly
In your god's very name.

Taliban fighter
I think it too late
For any chance
To re educate.

Taliban fighter it would
Be better  if you were dead
From well aimed bullet
Placed deep in your head.

When a dog is mad
You don't hesitate
But quickly and mercifully

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Taliban Fighter