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Peanut butter sarnies
Wacky baccy smoke
Hysterical laughter
At an unfunny joke
Colours so intense
Brighter than I've ever seen
Sound reverbing through me
Clearer than it's ever been

Passing the material of her
Skirt through my fingers
A softly caressing sensation
That soothes and lingers
It seems I'll never tire
Just can't get too much
Of the texture of the cloth
Electric to my touch

Passing that  toke
Between us to and fro
Each inhalation
Very deep and slow
Her head on my shoulder
Arm around my waist
Dreamy sort of time
Nothing done in haste.
It's seem I am floating
Drifting towards the sky
Immersing in the depths
Of  this technicolor high
Senses enhanced until
Sliding slowly to the norm
Visions disappear as in time
The world reassures its form



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