A Synthetic Soul

Left Behind

Riding down this road.
Windows down to feel the cold... night air.
This life has brought me here.
While memories of the good times
fill my mind.

All those nights
sitting around those camp fires.
Sipping on a cold beer...
Made me feel alive.

Pitching a tent on the river bank
Staying there all night and all day
with the Bar-b-Que pit smoking.
Listening to that music play.

Don't forget sitting under that old shade tree
hours at a time, just feeling the breeze.
Or those old dirt roads we used to ride
with nowhere to go, just passing the time.

And here I am leaving it all behind.
Everything I've known, all my life.
Heading to a place I've never been.
Don't know if I'll be coming back again.

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't going to miss,
those pine trees and the Louisiana mist.
My family, my friends, and all that I possess.
Some of the finest people that ever took a breath.

These are just some of the things to be left behind.
In search of a destiny, that so does entice.
In this grand pursuit to find a better life.

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