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Boy's Games

It comes back at times
Like a nightmare
The arm around  throat
Holding me upright
For the punches to land
And then the fist sunk
In the stomach to be
Dropped writhing to
The ground for the boot
Again the stomach
But no crippling boot
Just a warning as
He bent and hissed
Leave her alone

I hid out in the woods
To recover and once
Sure they'd gone
Slipped in to see her
To be hugged
And cuddled
And loved better
Both knowing this may
Be the very last time
And  wanting to remember

Two nights later
In the dark street where
I found him alone and
We slugged it out
Until he gasped and
Held out a hand which I took
And felt the haymaker land
On the side of my head
Only saved by the reflex
Which drove my knee hard
Into his groin to lay him down
Groaning as I left him there
And walked painfully
Away and out of the village

The sudden silence next night
When I walked into the bar
To see him there bruised
Battered and swollen as me
The conversation started again
As I returned his nod and
Picked up the beer he sent
And after clicking glasses
Both of us drank knowing
This could only be a truce

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Boy`s Games