once upon a time 
  john Mc Guckin

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          We do the things we are supposed to do,

          but somewhere along the way we postpone

          the things, that are needed to sustain ourselves

          Telling ourselves its okay there’s always tomorrow.


          Then one day we awake and realize, that

          we have postponed our life. Put it on hold

          thinking, don’t matter I’ll do it, when I get

          the time, but time marches to a different beat.


          Postponement allows the moment to pass, then

          looking back we know the chance had come and gone

          all because we are doing the things we need to do.

          Postponement can be, a forever moment in our life.


          Take the chance; take the time to push aside the things

          that don’t really count. This moment is all that matters

          looking back at all your postponements, then you really

          know all you did was postpone your life.


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