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Once I was a young warrior so many years ago
Saw things that no one should ever have to see
The death and heartache that I could not fore go
Children dying was hardest to deal with for me

Never thought I'd see children begging for food
I gave them my own rations and some candy I had
I guess as a kid I didn't know I had it so good
Always had good food, clothes and a mom and dad

Days were boring but it turned terrifying at night
A quiet night would suddenly turn into full chaos
Screaming voices in the night under flare light
There had been an attempt by some VC to attack us

Mostly they'd probe our outer perimeter lines
Trying to find a way to our ammo or fuel dumps
Some VC charged the lines and stepped on mines
Charging into a hail of fire landing in clumps

These brave young warriors had defended their bases
Fighting from gun towers & bunkers in two's & three's
They defended their ground as they had in other cases
Defending these bases were the Knights of Gallantry

We're all much older now than then & we'll reminisce
No longer the young warriors who'd served our country
We will always remember our dead & our eyes will mist
I'm proud to have served with The Knight's of Gallantry

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

I have this special bond with the warriors who I served
with in Vietnam, they were some of the bravest men I've
ever had the honor of knowing in my life and I am still
closer to them to this very day than I am with my own
brothers. "We Take Care Of Our Own"

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