Walkin on Air

Aura of St.Elmo Ek = p2/2m

Linga Sarira, of it have you heard?
Maybe an evil twin or likewise absurd,
Kinetic energy musters the Universal Powers
from sub-atomic particles to luminiferous towers:
gnomes, ondines, sylphs, salamanders and fairies,
cattle and lightning rods, chimneys and cherries,
wings of fancy flights, flowers and grass,
the spectacle our minds inevitably harass.

About energy fields or Šther bodies' electric extravaganza
in our atmosphere's double prana-maya-kosha,
lower and higher astral Solar Angels of the third eye
may it be said: life's fires of St. Elmo,  
at times aglow
as a sporadic fresco of a true maestro,
all are visions granted for those who travel
through God's creative illusion: magnificent marvel!

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Aura of St.Elmo Ek = p2/2m

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