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Lord, thank you for saving me and making me new

Thank you for grace and mercy all the way through

I know I am born again, I know who I am

A citizen of a kingdom not made by man

I know I’m not prefect yet but I’m on my way

Through your blood I’ll be covered on judgment day

Lord I am a sinner saved by your grave

There are so many that are taking my place

Walking in the same darkness, threading the same path

Looking to earn wages but not doing the math

From nation to nation, from town to town

But before you visit them, yes before you go down

May I have moment Lord, though I am but mere dust

There are some concerns that I would like to discuss

I know you’ve been merciful, and you’ve been kind

But before you bring wrath give me a little more time

All men are your creation and it’s man that you cherish

And it’s not your desire that any should perish

Let me go talk to them, I know where they’ve been

I know what it’s like to be seduced by sin

Fooled by its deception again and again

Would it not be worth the wait if we could save at least ten

For you the good shepherd who would leave the ninety nine

And rejoice over the one you searched long to find

Is that not what you left your church here to do

Search out the lost and bring them to you

I’ll speak but once more, I know the day is well spent

One last plea before your wrath is sent

Will not the judge of all the earth do right

Allow me a little more time to shine your light

Genesis 18: 22-33

J. Moore




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Intercession from a Sinner