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Loan Repay Prayer

Lord, I give to You this home equity loan
Trusting in You to provide my needs alone
Tuesday I made a withdrawal for my roof
Already I see Your hand beyond reproof

Seven extra hours this month in wages paid
More than covered not working on Labor Day
Extra hours due to some training I received
Others resulted from scanned checks delayed

Mondays were added to my shift the end of August
After three temps left but the day is very busy at least
One new temp started today and another just recently
I hope they stay and can adjust to slack times easily

When I went to my primary bank today
I sensed Your timing all along the way
Deposit from separate savings account
After funds for monthly expenses ran out

Banker asked if I had auto loan or mortgage
No but I had home equity credit line staged
His analysis revealed a lower interest rate
Application takes three weeks to investigate

I provided financial paperwork to proceed
Lord, You placed me there to meet a need
If approved, my bank pays off existing loan
Twenty year term on new more leeway alone

I realize the sooner I can repay the better
But it would not be as strict to the letter
Five years is short on a limited budget
To pay principal and interest from start

Especially in light of news I heard at work today
Mandatory overtime will end not official yet anyway
Policy added one hour to shift while staffing new bank
Employees now working nine hours are relieved I think

Lord, You opened that door when my unemployment ended
Now four day week allowed my hours from 14 to 24 extended
I seek Your wisdom and guidance each and every step of the way
With training I have to somehow keep weekly hours over five days

Carol S. 9/21/12

NOTE (10/29/12) More than a month has passed and the mandatory overtime
                policy is still in effect.  Plus my hours have increased
                more recently.

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Loan Repay Prayer

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