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Beast called gambling

There is a beast  known by the name,
gambling who never let you be the same.
Once that it gets a hold of you,
you will always be blue.

This beast will cause you to lose, everything,
that you know to you does not bring,
a feeling of love and happness to your heart,
that this breast will soon tear apart.

This will make you feel dead,
with a headstone at your head.
As you learn all is lost,
and you have learn what is cost.

Yes, you think that you will win,
so, you will play again and again.
Always getting that feeling,
that your soul is reeling,

yes, you think the beast will make things right,
but really all you will find is the darkness of the night.
But the beast eats at your soul,
as the beast is in control.

The only way to stop the beast today,
is to not let it have it's way,
every day you must fight,
cause you know that beast won't let you do right.

Yes, with God's help you can beat,
this beast when it you meet.
So, stand tall, stand strong,
because you don't have to do it alone.

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Beast called gambling

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