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 ~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`

~*`DEPARTURE OF SOULS`*~ {Rewritten/Dedication}

~*`DEPARTURE OF SOULS`*~ {Rewritten/Dedication}`World lovers Pictures, Images and Photos
I must go and you must stay
but darlin' I won't be so far away

You can feel me in your heart
just like you did at our first start

Love will stand all trials of time
because I have made you mine
You may not always fully understand
how much I need your trusting hand


To give without expecting in return
is what my lonely heart must learn
No matter where life goes when we part
you shall always remain in my heart
Some where, somehow we will meet again
our hearts floating free until then
You'll forever be the love of my life
even though I'll never be your wife
Love as a soulmate can be just as true
for God has created mine for you....


So please don't be angry when I go
you'll always feel me in winds that blow
If a gentle wind brushes through your hair
you'll know that it is my spirit there


When leaves are flowing in a soft breeze
you'll see me dancing through the trees
As the wind rides waves in the ocean blue
my thoughts of love will search for you
Rushing through mountains high on a windy day
echoes of my desires will carry you away
Like the wind you feel but cannot truly see
there my love shall be for all eternity....

In Purple Passion I'll be there for you
like a rainbow high in a sky of blue
Interchanging moods of colored hues above
to match my streams of heavenly love
Sing to the moon with joy in your heart
in sharing our love from the start

Purple passion paints the skies aglow
setting the scene for love to grow
Under starry skies on a moonlit night
magical powers creates new light
Moonbeams streaking thru space above
collide in lustful thrusts of love
Purple passion skies reminds me of you
as reflections in your eyes of blue
Wanton cravings burns hot with desire
as I gaze into your flames of fire
Feathering lips with kisses sweet as wine
will soon give way into making you mine

High over the sea in a sky of purple mist
floats our thoughts in heavenly bliss
Far across the sea and high over the land
our longing of love forever shall stand
If we vow to be always faithful and true
Purple skies shall never leave us blue  


lovers Pictures, Images and Photos

*2011*~all rights reserved
`Mary Jane's Poetry`
`Never Ending Circle Of Love`
by: `Janie/mjfb1954`


Dedicated to Our Dearest Poetess Friend `Sally`
and all who are grieving for loved ones!
`Please Dear Father In Heaven,
 `Shower Mercy Of Comfort On Their Grieving Hearts``
`We Pray~`Amen!

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