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God of mercy King of glory

I'm here to tell my story

about the things he done for me

Abundant peace upon us

Everything is pure to him

Even the things we thought was hidden

in the secret sea

I'm seeking his face in the troubles

Beyond the shadows of the dark night

He's the eyes in my soul

The glory in the light

A God sublime, Rock of ages

My life is but dust upon the pages of time

I'm a living testimony of his depths and deliverance

and his beautiful liberty

King forever, Glory without measure

Took this lump of clay

and shined it into a treasure for all to see

I often put the shackles on my own feet,

Giving into temptation and self defeat

Forever in his presence now

He made the devil give back my seat

Thank you Jesus, king forever

Glory and Honor and Majesty

Copyright 2012

Robert Anthony James

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