Accept Me Brother

                            Accept Me Brother                              November 1, 2012 2012

Put differences behind us, my friend, I know we can
Accept me as your brother, accept the rights of man
We have different places of worship with a God we love the same
Forgive the other different minds that live with daily shame
Show your peace, extend your hand, never let it go
We're on the one road, we can change our land I know
We bend our knee and want to be free
We're from different places yes you and me
No religion or color with children playing on the street
Little children playing free, with a new world at their feet
Those little children playing free will show us the children's way
They will teach us what freedom means, yes freedoms on the way
From another lands so far away, please don't go away
With differences gone, or so they say, my friend, we need you, please stay
Embrace a friend today irrespective of their name
There's no color or religion between us, I love you, we're all the same
Send our message to the minds of shame, change is on the way
Join us now or be left behind, this is what the people say
When you love someone there's no difference, show the world we care
Remember John and the Imagine song, the words the world did share
We're children of the world today, let all men live in peace
Turn your back to bigotry, hatred within must cease
Put differences behind us, melt together my friend with love
Accept me as your brother, close your eyes and see the dove

                     Gerrard McGeachy

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