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He saved a kitten from a tree
As he was passing by,
Only a very small kitten
And the tree not so very high:
But you how it is
The story grew and grew
And with the press involved
He was famous before he knew.
Soon it was maidens rescued
And people were being thrilled
With tales of lions recaptured
And of dragons being killed.
Appearances on TV
Only enhanced his fame
And it appeared he'd soon
Be an international name.
Hilarious really but
That's often the way
When little thing happen
On a slow news day.
Then Vesuvius erupted slightly
A tv appearance was dropped
And as quick as it had started
His growing fame had stopped.
He returned to normal
Life but stays resigned
To at times being recognised and
Autograph books being signed.
Everybody forgot the kitten
Virtually nobody got to know
It won Champion of Champions
At an international cat show.
And for that rescued kitten
Life became so good
On the tele regularly
Eating premium cat food.
Thus the stuff of Legends,
So very easily born
In this age of twitter
And on a slack news morn.

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