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What an absolutely Amazing world we live in -
For starters - there are billions of people -
With their own DNA - fingerprints - and eyes .
There are billions of fish - in the seas - lakes and streams .
There are countless birds - of every imaginable colour and size .
And animals - too numerous to count - that would have blanketed 
The earth - had they not become - extinct - 
Provided us with food - or just passed naturally away .
It certainly - makes you think !

Yes - the Amazement just gets even more amazing !
Next - we look at the Fauna - trees - flowers - grass - mosses-
Numberless  and all so utterly wonderful - in make-up and form .
For our pleasure - for our food - or part of the food chain -
To maintain the continual - onward momentum .
Are you beginning to see - this amazing picture unfolding ?

Now we press on - to yet more food .
Grain - meat - vegetables - fruit .
And the endless ways each can be transformed daily - to become 
Pallatable - even in itself - a work of art .
And to continue with the theme of Art - in all its diverse forms -
As man pours out his inner depths on canvas -and materials  - 
Large or small -as on the head of the minutest pin.
The list goes on - and of itself - is staggering !.

And moving on - we turn to sound - from the sweet - melodious -
To the mighty symphony - and the crashing waves -
And even to the - loud and raucous - dare I say .
But - in this variety - each to his own - I quickly add .
Depending on the place - and mood .
And then - we have the spoken word -with tongues of every kind 
With script - that can amaze - with its complicity - that draws out
The wisdom - for us all to share - from human minds .

Staggering !  and yet still more !
Water - covering vast swaithes of earth - from shore to shore
Then the pools -  fresh for drinking - and cooling showers
Life sustaining - daily outpoured - around this Orb .
Then -  wondrous Sunshine -
Not too close - so as to burn us to a cinder -
Nor too far - so as to freeze us - as in the age of Ice .
Sun rises - and sunsets - that paint a tapestry of grandeur -
Yet unparralled - by the artist's brush -
And Air we breath - so freely - the sustinance of human life 
Unseen - but There .

I could go on and on and on -
The gifts bestowed on man - that have inspired us on -
To higher heights - and deeper depths - 
In Poetry and Song .

And let it not be said - that I would boast  - that all of this 
Comes from our own intelligence and feeble frame -
No - I give only ONE - that place of Honour - and all thanks .
And - JESUS - is HIS Name .


I cannot begin to give justice to this amazing world and all 
that GOD has given us in which to live and enjoy . But 
this is just a small rendering of my way of saying . Thank
YOU LORD for what YOU have given to us .


with love from Stella x


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