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Evolution of the Black Woman

We were once queens in a land called Africa, and then we were not,
We were once owners of treasures like gold, silver and diamonds, but then one day it all stopped,
It all stopped…
Then the wars began
You had tribes fighting other tribes, kidnapping women, men and child, then selling them to the white man
Hence, this is when slavery began,
Chained, dragged and put on board a ship
Made way across the Atlantic Ocean, our people died and starved through this long, horrible trip,
The healthy ones were kept, the weak ones were killed and thrown overboard,
Then we made anchor…
Being property is how we were kept, and just like property we were sold
We cleaned up after the wife, husband, and child; and anyone else whom we were told,
A women's place was bearing children as we were not to have a life,
We were women who were unable to vote, as we had no legal rights,
As time goes on… then times changed
We gonna skip ahead and move forward and go to the Civil Rights
Women were living in the dark, until Rosa Park defiance made that dark become light
Because now with the help of those like William Garrison
We now gained the right to be able to vote in the election
We had things like Affirmative Action, some say good, some say bad
But Affirmative Action allowed us to get jobs, that without it, we would've never had
So we went from housewives to receptionist or secretary
Ahh… can you really complain, even if at that time we were only eye candy
But soon we got better jobs; unfortunately we did not get better pay
But then came along progress; and things are a lot different today
So in closing, I'm going to name a few of the women who defied the odds
And made a mark in history and changed what was known as a woman's job
One of the greatest singers who had to go to Europe to become known
Was Marian Anderson, who found more success then in her own home
Mary McLeod Bethune who helped the African American females gain more knowledge
Was the founder of the Bethune-Cookman College
Yea everyone knows about Venus and Serena
But did you know that it was Althea Gibson who was the first African-American woman allowed in Wimbledon
And in 1956, it was Althea who won the French Open
When it comes to poetry there's no one better to give the honor to
Then one of my favorite poet's, the greatest Maya Angelou
So they say behind every great man, there lies a great woman and this one in particular bring no drama
I'm talking about the ever so classy, and fashionable, the First Lady “Michelle Obama”
So from Africa, through slavery and through the present today
Women have overcome many obstacles and help change the future in so many ways
Hence... this is the evolution of the Black Woman…

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Evolution of the Black Woman

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