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It's unexplainable , it's undeniable,
it's supernatural, it's ever eternal,
it's all powerful. 
His kingdom is everlasting,
His grace is undeserving,
His joy is unbeatable,
His love is uncompetitive,
His presence is most satisfying,
 His friendship is most favorable.
He doesn't believe in religiosity,
He didn't create hell for humanity,
His justice  is trustworthy,
 He doesn't make mistakes,
and He doesn't cause insanity.  
He doesn't divide churches by
denomination or ability.
He never created theology to be
a mystery. A perhaps.
A maybe, or just theory.
His  enemy has paved the road for many.
Many don't understand it,
many have "claimed" to know it,
many have said to try it.
But how many have really chased it?
How many really tasted it? 
...How many really know Him?
You were probably taught
all sorts of philosophy,
heard of the Bible, most likely. 
You believe in aliens and ghost
and mystic spirituality?
Or perhaps live solely -
for your own happiness.
Your own purist for your
own life span of what? 
He created you miraculously,
 He loves you unconditionally,
He has waited patiently
and His people may have lived in hypocrisy,
and many may have failed you  continuously. 
But He doesn't change.
He doesn't fail.
He doesn't "think twice"
or require you to pay some bill.
His will is simple,
He knows how it works
and He knows how happiness works,
and how fulfillment really works.
Because He made it.
He created it.  
And you fill yourself with generic
self indulgence
and self guidance.
Self interpretation
and self reliance.
Empty. Hopeless. Unwilling. 
His word is ageless. 
His will is ageless, 
His reign is timeless,
His existence is timeless.  

This is God.

-DEL 11/11/12

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This is God.