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 ~*`ODE` 8TH OF NOVEMBER~`1965` (*Dedication*)
~*`ODE` 8TH OF NOVEMBER~`1965` `**~'8th of November'**`1965`~ `Big n Rich` THIS IS DEDICATED TO `OUR WARRIOR POET` ~*`TERRY SASEK/ONCE A WARRIOR`*~ IN APPRECIATION FOR HIS `DEDICATED AND HONORABLE` POET SITE HERE ON POETRYPOEM.COM` ~`WHICH HONORS`~ ~`AMERICA'S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM`~ `HIS STORIES ARE TRUE TO LIFE, AND GIVES INSIGHT AS TO WHY WE MUST BE GRATEFUL FOR ALL TROOPS, THEIR LOVED ONES AND FAMILIES, WHO HAVE GIVEN AND THOSE WHO ARE PRESENTLY GIVING THEIR TIME AND LOVE FOR OUR FREEDOM! OUR `THANKS TO YOU, TERRY, FOR ALL LIVES WHOM YOU HAVE TOUCHED THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFETIME, GOD BLESS AMERICA, ALL OF OUR TROOPS, US VETERANS AND YOU TOO! "AMEN" *** `YOU MAY VISIT TERRY'S SITE BY CLICKING HERE: `TERRY SASEK~`ALWAYS A WARRIOR` ~ ¢¾~ *** `*`PRAYER FOR TROOPS`*` God of love, God of peace, Min Ha¡¯Meitzar Karati Yah. Out of the depths of despair, we call to You. Our ears ring with the words "Do not fear." But our stomachs churn with the acid of doubt. Determined to preserve our shared world from the tyranny of terrorism, we turn to You for answers, for values, for strengths. We stand before You with respect and concern for those who have been summoned to protect and secure our nation, our world. Give them the courage to meet the chilling stare of death...Return them safely to fulfill dreams unrealized so that they may bless Your name through the lives they live. May their efforts further the cause of peace throughout the world and bring us closer to the day when "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn of war anymore." Amen. `AUTHOR UNKNOWN`~BUT VERY MUCH APPRECIATED`~ `GOD'S BLESSINGS ALSO TO: 'MY BELOVED BROTHER` *`JAKE`* ~`1965`~ `FOR HIS SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY` ~*`AS A MEDIC PARATROOPER`*~ `Aloha My Dearest Brother, Until We Meet Again! *RePost*©*2012*NOV*08* a.k.a.~`'MJB'`~ `Janie/mjfb1954`

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