Melissa A. Howells

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 Live as a Garanimal

How do you
piece the parts of you together?
How do you
find the glue...
to be the who you say you are?
(I'm not listening.)
No, I'm no longer listening to you
and you and you...
and your fine how-do-you-do's
and how-dee-don'ts too.
I have my own directions and inflections.
I live them as I go along.
I call them my indifference and in-deference's.
I write all the words to my own songs.
They are my life, are my time, are my rights
and my insights.
Why don't you try it on too...
just be the boss of you...
or do you prefer to live as a Garanimal?

Copyright November 15, 2012 All Rights Reserved By This Author
Melissa A Howells///Meloo straight from her Tilt-a-World

A Garanimal is a specific line of children's clothing where everything is made to match
so that it is easier for everyone involved. I believe they were invented in the 70's. They have
since been recently re-popularized. To me, they are symbolic and equal conformity versus
personal individuality and creativity.

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