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By The Sea By The Sea

By the sea, by the sea, the sun
Sliding away with barely a glow
The sky so overcast that we
Didn't really see it go
As we promenade along the front
In a just gentle November breeze,
Watching the two anchored ships
Standing off in the  mill pond seas.
Hand in hand, sometimes arms
Around the other's waist,walking
And, in that exploratory way
Of the new friendship, talking.
Her head at just the right height to
At times nestle on my shoulder
As the screaming gulls wheeled
And it slowly grew colder
So that we reached the car
More than ready for its shelter,
Though sad to end the walk,
Emotions a little helter skelter.
Each with baggages of loss
Wondering if this was a new love
Growing , and nervous that it
Could maybe be a  blue love
That could leave each with
Emotions battered and torn;
Like a suit of new clothes
Needing to be worn
Until In time it becomes
Like a natural second skin
Its familiar fit seeming warm
And comfortable to be within.
There in the silence, to be
Broken by the engine's start,
Reluctantly knowing it
Was time for us to depart
From by the sea by the sea,
From that promenade car park,
To stop sitting  holding hands and
Talking in the quickly growing dark.


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By The Sea By The Sea