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My Carboard Box. (my home)

Does it have a address,
is it bigger than the rest.
Does it have a master bedroom.
From it, can I see the stars the moon?

Does it have a place for a tv,
not one I am able to see?
In it can I have a dining table,
or to make my king size bed, would I be able?

Could I have friends over,
or that I am homeless would they discover.
Can I be taught,
or can I see most of this is my fault?

I know most of people who are homeless,
can not help being homeless.
They have lost their home, their family and their job,
as from them so many things life did rob.

When past them you walk,
to them you never talk.
These folks, who in a cardboard box lives,
as these people so little life gives.

These people are like you,
who dreams hadn't never come true.
So, help them when you can,
but most of all, these folks try to begin to understand.


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My Carboard Box. (my home)

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