"Take your son back home with you
and enjoy his remaining days,
both shower him with your love
before he slips away".

Words he'd said cut through us
and we both began to cry,
"where is God when we need him"
why does our son have to die?.

Three long years he had suffered
and we prayed for him each day,
drug after drug they gave him
just to take his pain away.

His smile could light up heaven
now and then a tear would fall,
how brave is a child that suffers
never complaining to us at all.

We took our son back home again
and every hour we spent with Jim,
each night we sat by his bedside
and showered our love on him.

One morning I fetched him breakfast
then I noticed his eyes were still,
I knew at that moment he'd left us
no pain would he ever again feel.

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No more suffering.