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In that quiet 50's village childhood
We thought nothing could ever change:
Those safe miles of fields where all
We children would roam and range.
Those long long chases and walks
And games like hide and seek
When every single hour
Seemed to last for a week.
And then time speeded up
For childhood can never last
And now from many years away
I'm looking back at my past.
The village is mostly unchanged
There are more houses there
Those parts from memory remain
So I don 't really mind or care.
There are questions I wish I"d asked
Things that I wish I'd known
But too late now because
So much time has flown;
I am the last of my generation,
Older family members being gone
And in truth it's getting closer
To my own time for moving on.
So I visit the old churchyard where
The family graves bring some peace:
Just  being at the place of my beginning
Brings me a quiet feeling of release.
I remember with so much pleasure
The joy of life there in my day
Accepting, apart from memories, that
The village is no longer in mine in any way.

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