Creams pills and energy drink
botox tuck a false lash to wink,
white teeth to shame light of day
growing old graceful "Never they say".

A toyboy on arm an old womans dream
covering up if stretchmarks are seen,
and makeup plastered on with a trowel
skin pulled tight can't speak they growl.

Clothes they wear to hide a wide girth
saggy big bums breasts fall to earth,
hair all bleached like Marilyn monroe
patches of hair that refuses to grow.

Just for the sake of regaining lost youth
growing old you're scared of the truth,
when said and done it's no big disgrace
I'd rather grow old in my own wrinkly face.

So to all those older vain ladies out there
with cupboards of lotions dyes for your hair,
the eyes never change that much is true
and ageing is just part of what we all do.

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Grow old `Never they say`.