A cow tied to his wagon
and a barrel full of beer,
none messed with one eyed Jack
this man of the wild frontier,

Some say he fought a grizzly
because it passed his way,
now he wears that grizzly bear
each and every day.

Now Jack was a mean critter
and he never lost a draw,
his sketches won him first prize
at the local county hall.

One day while Jack was riding
way out in the mountain belt,
he came across some Indians
who tried to take his scalp.

Jack he looked them in the eye
then brandished his big knife,
he said "I've fought meaner men
you should see my wife.

The Indians took one look at him
and then smartly rode away,
dressed in his old bear skin
old Jack had won that day.

Jack was partial to a drink
or so all the townsfolk said,
I guess that's why his only eye
was permanently red.

One day while Jack was drinking
I'd say much more than a few,
a stranger burst into the bar
and said" I wanna talk with you".

Old Jack he fumbled for his gun
as he wobbled on his feet,
it was then he felt the bullet
the pain and shearing heat.

As one eyed Jack lay dying
he scribbled down a note,
"Bury me up on old boot hill
and don't forget me coat".

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Old one eye Jack (Humour)