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Comforted me
When I had no one
I was certainly lost
And Empty
We sat in parking lots past 2am
And browsed book stores
Drinking two coffees at a time
Swapping iPods and broken poetry 
I drove to, and sat in your apartment
And wondered who you were
Or why I was even here
Ignoring those questions by
Overshadowing them with cheap horror films
(That I made you watch)
You told me about your favorites 
Over burnt hot chocolate at the iHop
And I cried drunk in your car
As you cared for me 
Countless nights after serving at
Restaurants ran by Italian mafia members and wine junkies 
A mad mess of bartering 
weed and cocaine-
 in between smoke breaks and processing table orders
...Unfamiliar with the difference between a Heineken and Peroni
You always knew things I didn't...
Somehow (after countless parking lot conversations ) 
we deserted it all
And started real jobs 
I met your friends 
And we wandered the city 
Dining and shopping it away
You made a ruckus 
For unmet valentine reservations 
 at fish markets 
And lavished with Kathy purses 
Then one sudden day
you left for school
we still managed to find time
For movies and seafood
For four years
Making trips back home to see 
And I waited. Wandered. Worked.
It's over . And I'm here
Hoping you'll enjoy a cup
Of burnt hot chocolate  at 
the iHop with me.

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