Now listen to my story
it's sad and could be true,
a tale I've never told before
but I'll write it down for you.

Walking down a street one night
I heard this tearful cry,
"Help me" said the panicked voice
for surely I will die.

I ran so fast my legs did pain
until I saw upon the floor,
a child wrapped in a blanket
outside a closed shop door.

I looked around no one to see
in the stillness of the night,
just discarded bits litter
picked out by the pale moon light.

I picked the blanket up with care
and cradled it from harm,
felt the softness of the child
now safe within my arms.

Confusion filled my head that night
as I pondered in my mind,
why would someone leave a child
for someone else to find?.

I took the Infant home with me
and then my wife began to cry,
for on the news not long ago
a young local girl had died.

They said she had given birth
but the child could not be found,
they were searching everywhere
and patroling all around.

Fourteen years of age she was
from her parents she was torn,
all alone with no one to care
she stayed till her child was born.

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A world without care.