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The Wisdom of God

The time is drawing to a close,
Some are living new highways sought;
And they are ripping off their clothes,
Being married acting as not.

Some have eyes that are filled with tears,
But live as having no sorrow;
Because they are hiding their fears,
Of what is bringing tomorrow.

Some of them are happy should live,
But live in the shadow of doubt;
Feeling as being a captive,
Nothing to be happy about.

Some buy something as on a spree,
Then live as if they did not own;
Buying on impulse just to see,
For others their status is shown.

 Some who use the things that are here,
Become addicted as their god;
Always wanting it to be near,
Not thinking of it as a fraud.

It is clear that this planet earth,
Has been slowly passing away;
As man has devalued its worth,
All the ways he has gone astray.

So do not have any concerns,
About it for God has given;
A new home while this one burns,
When we go up into Heaven.

Copyright 2012 Richard Newton Sherrer

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The Wisdom of God